Friday, October 8, 2010

Top Five Clever Topics for a Guy's Girl Entering Week Six

In a feature that will begin appearing up to twice weekly (on bleacher report), here is the first list of five items a woman who might want to be considered a So Very Clever Guy’s Girl should peruse.  I won’t exhaust any of it- as with all things So Very Clever, I will give you the broad strokes and depend on you to delve further if you are inclined.  One reason you might be inclined is if you’ve been invited to view one of the games in question- it is tantamount to locker room talk for guys to listen to well informed sports talk from a woman (as long as it’s not during play).  Another reason you might brush up is if one (of many) of the men in your life is a big fan of one of the teams I reference.  So, don’t be lazy.  Use Bleacher Report- sign up for your man’s alma mater, his favorite professional teams and receive emails daily.  They might as well be holding your hand (the way I do).

5.  Texas does NOT play this week- so if you live there, and are invited to watch football with the guys- do not ask, “When is the Texas game?”  They are on a “bye”- which is a week off from play.  This could be a good time for the bye with Texas- it will give them time to rest (though I doubt that is happening) and gear up for what will likely amount to a good old fashioned whoopin’ by Nebraska.

4.  Florida and LSU play this weekend and both teams are struggling.  Les Miles is still coaching for LSU so it’s an adventure every week.  Clever Girls, Les Miles was an assistant at University of Michigan (a great item to inquire about- note I said inquire about not assert) and was the hopeful for coach when Rich Rodriguez (RichRod) was hired from West Virginia. 

3.  The Michigan State Spartans coach, Mark Dantonio was slated to return to the field with his team for the first time since his heart attack following a win over Notre Dame.  Now, I personally think the overtime win itself was reason enough for the heart attack, but I think it had more to do with the faked field goal run in for a Bates to Gannt touch down.  Pretty awesome stuff- the play, not the heart surgery- though that is pretty impressive as well.  Dantonio will be coaching from a box.

2.  The University of Michigan will take on the Michigan State University Spartans.  This is a HUGE college rivalry and emotion will be a factor.  I could spew stats all day long, but playing in the Big House (the Michigan Stadium) is unlike play anywhere and it can weigh heavily on the outcome.  Bottom line, the best defense wins.  It is questionable whether Michigan’s defense can hold up against the run or the pass (RichRod’s former team, West Virginia, was not known for defense either).

1.  Denard Robinson is likely to be his explosive self and hold his position as number one Heisman choice by the Heisman pundit poll.  I couldn’t be more proud if he were my own.

Here is a fantastic trivia question a So Very Clever Girl posed- How many college teams have mascots that do not end in s?
The answer is 28.  These are the teams and their mascots.  Now, before I give up the goods, I want to make clear- this is not a change for you to show off- guys HATE girls who act as if they know more about sports (or anything else) than the guys.  So, you will say instead- "Oh my gosh- I had someone ask me a trivia question and I could only answer like TWO!  Can you guys help me fill in the blanks?"  They will likely pay worship.  And the teams are:

Alabama Crimson Tide
Notre Dame Fighting Irish 
NC State Wolfpack 
Nevada Wolfpack 
Illinois Fighing Illini 
Marshall Thundering Herd 
Tulane Green 
UMass Minutemen 
Syracuse Orange 
St. Johns Red Storm 
North Texas Mean Green 
Stanford Cardinal 
Navy Midshipmen 
Tulsa Golden Hurricane 
North Dakota Fighing Sioux 
Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix 
William and Mary Tribe
Harvard Crimson
Dartmouth Big Green 
Cornell Big Red 
Hofstra Pride 
Bucknell Bison 
Elon Phoenix
Centenary College of Louisiana Gentlemen 
Howard Bison
Union Dutchmen
St. Francis Red Flash
North Dakota State Bison  


  1. Dare I do this...?

    Since you're usually so spot on, I have to ask if you posted from your phone on this one... 12 teams? And then you list 28? Or was this just to check to see if we were paying attention? And some strange font changes too.

    So, to stay on topic - love the trivia behavior suggestion - you do know us too, too well. And I think the deciding factor will be whether MSU can avoid giving away the easy turnover. Interceptions have been a problem this year, and in the Big House, even one gimme could spell the difference. If they manage to keep possession, I think they have a chance, even though they are away!

  2. Random1-
    I have no idea what you are talking about? Just kidding, already corrected. I am So Very NOT Clever today. Thank you for catching my screw up.
    Are you going?

  3. Whether for good or ill, I'll be at NEXT week's Homecoming game, not this one! It'll be fantastic when we go 6-0 into our game against the "sans s" Illini!


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