Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Did Favre Get Those Phone Numbers?

OK, as you all know, you only have to ask me 12 times before I feel compelled to share my view regarding a subject.  Now, generally I’m disinclined to comment on the NFL and the NBA- why?  Because they are quickly becoming leagues ruled by thugs and miscreants.  Yes, there are some notable exceptions- the Mannings (though I don’t agree with Eli’s crybaby fit when he was drafted), Tom Brady, Grant Hill, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton and many more. Sadly, though, a few stinking rotten carcasses ruin an otherwise lovely walk down a country road.
Sports are supposed to be pasttimes and family events- a part of the fabric of our country- but are quickly turning into political machines. The athletes are overpaid, overappreciated, overworked, undermananaged and allowed to run amuck. 
So, why the FREAKING hell is Brett Favre (whom I don’t particularly care for) being harangued for alleged inappropriate behavior? Because let’s be honest- the conduct of nine of 10 professional athletes, most of which is far more offensive, goes unpunished.  This is absurd and nothing more than a distraction for the Monday night football game.
If you are going to dress the way Jenn Sterger dresses off the "field"- there is a good chance you will become the "target" of some inappropriate advances.  This is directly in line with the woman who wears low-cut shirts and feigns offense when men and or women are preoccupied with the cleavage.  Please stop pretending you are offended- it's offensive.  Wear a freaking turtleneck if it is such an affront to you.
Further- I have to say it- you know what you are getting into when you becoming a sideline commentator and nine of 10 not only accept the cast of characters but have found a clever way to put themselves directly in the path of wealthy players.  Honestly- are we going to pretend that isn’t part of the appeal?  I love sports as much as the next girl- but I have loftier goals than to shove a microphone in the face of a professional athlete or coach. 
Next?  Brett Favre is, well, Brett Favre, and I will not, for one second, believe that any "sideline reporter" who tends to dress like a dancer when not at "work" would be offended by his interest.  If you revere your craft- you will be able to respect his accomplishments and would likely be flattered.  I’d be flattered beyond flattered to be pursued intellectually by Stephen King or Greg Iles.  I doubt highly Brett was rebuffed by any of the women he allegedly pursued via text. 
Further, how did he get their phone numbers?  Did he inquire politely asking if they could sit down and discuss his future, maybe in the form of an exclusive interview? If so, why a "sideline" report and a couple of masseuses?  Are the masseuses independent contractors- so that he'd need to acquire their phone numbers?  It smacks of desire to extort, defame or humiliate.  Am I surprised?  No.  You can guarantee some money has already changed hands from the Favre camp- I just hope these girls put it to good use, maybe toward enriching their careers.  While he does nothing for me- he’s not exactly hideous- he’s famous- rich and tres male.  What is not to love if you are a "sportscaster?" 
The whole thing is absurd.  I have a feeling the texts have been held fast and only now hit their peak sale price due to the Monday night football game. And, yes, I know they were "released" in August, but that was off-season- no one cared.  If he is "reprimanded" for this, when Randy Moss and Terrell Owens are allowed to disgrace the game with their brazen and idiotic behavior EVERY time they take the field, then I'm even more disgusted today than I was yesterday.
To some degree this is a private matter.  What about Tiger Woods?  I KNEW you were going to say that.  Totally different.  Brett Favre has not made a living and built a reputation of bulletproof purity and morality.  He's just a normal guy's guy.  He's not out there protecting his halo- he simply functions.  TWinc. is a different ballgame all together.  Much of his fortune was built on his "character."
OK- enough about that gross topic.  NCAA football.  I'm obviously upset with University of Michigan's performance- Denard is still the Heisman front runner, but we have a problem.  Michigan is about to start a tough conference run and we are all but without defense.  Now, while this has nothing to do with Denard directly, we can’t win without stopping our opponent.  Momentum does matter- and if we are running up the score, but allowing the opponent to do the same …
I stated on ESPN radio the other day- if RichRod allows the defense to implode this season he might as well jump in front of a train. It's not looking good for him. 
Michigan State cracked the top 10 and they already have Notre Dame and Wisconsin behind them- they are in a better position to play OSU for a championship.  There’s no doubt I'm deeply distressed- it wasn't in the bag, at all, but come on. 
Alabama and Stanford dropped the ball as well. The playing field is leveling.  Now, OSU and Boise State and TCU need to fall. 
OK, I'll continue with my Top Five Clever Topics for Guy's Girls Week Seven on Friday.  There will be recipes up on Thursday in conjunction with my ESPN radio segment with Erin Hogan.
Tomorrow I need to run some Clever Commentary- I’ve been itching to explore adultery again.

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